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Scarless Excision of Second Branchial Cleft Cyst via Retroauricular Hairline Incision

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노종렬: 분당차병원 이비인후과-두경부외과
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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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Second branchial cleft cyst (2nd BCC) is treated by complete excision. Conventional transcervical skin incision on the lesion may leave a prominent scar in the cosmetically sensitive area. The retroauricular hairline incision (RAHI) approach may maintain neurological, mobility, and cosmetic functions of the neck and face after excision. This study evaluated the clinical outcomes and disease control of scarless surgery via RAHI in 57 consecutive patients with 2nd BCC.


The patients received the prospective evaluation of postoperative neurological, subjective pain, swallowing, neck motion, and cosmetic functions. Postoperative complications, subjective satisfaction, and recurrence were also assessed in each patient.


Excision was performed in all cases without injury to the facial nerve or other neurological complications and conversion to other incisions or approaches with a median operation time of 44 min. Complications were minimal, without dysphagia, neurological deficits, or limited neck motion. Postoperative incision scars in the postauricular and hairline region were commonly invisible. Subjective satisfaction with the scar and facial deformity was high after surgery. No patients had a recurrence for a median follow-up of 66 months.


The RAHI approach for 2nd BCC has excellent cosmetic, functional, and disease control outcomes. This can be safely applied to the treatment of 2nd BCC.

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PMID: 38097689