자주찾는 메뉴

about CHA


CHA University was founded on the basis of the three philosophies: Christianity (the Christian value to love neighbors), Humanism (respect for the mankind), and Academia (a spirit of research and inquiry) and it has established itself
as the Korea’s best medical-science specialized university with world-class technology in stem cell, human genome and infertility/reproductive medicine research.

In addition, CHA University boasts the high employment rates among four-year universities in Korea and it was ranked first at the student–faculty ratio. As of 2017, more than 93% of all students received scholarships and it was ranked first at the financial support for students’ club activities, boasting its excellent educational infrastructure.

CHA University was awarded as “Autonomously improving university” which is the best rank in the 2018 evaluation of the Ministry of Education after competing with four-year universities in Seoul and other metropolitan cities, and is now preparing to take another leap forward.